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Turkey Hunting

Turkey Hunting

Well the Tala system didn't fail me on Kodiak Alaska in November 2016 and I expected it would perform just as good for me during this springs turkey season in Northern California. One good test for the gear this spring compared to most is Northern California had one of the wettest winters and springs ever recorded.... wettest and worst since 1997. For me this would mean wet wet grass to hike through, muddy trails, and temperatures that changed from 30 degrees one hour to 75 degrees just a couple hours later. For this season my choice in gear again was the Tala system along with the new GG Merino wool line I got just before the season. The Merino line with the Tala pant and pullover provided me the warmth I needed in the chilly wet mornings and was a great combo for a wind and rain barrier. This Merino line is some quality wool base layers I recommend to any and all outdoorsman. GG hit a home run with this addition. A few days chasing gobblers it warmed up later in the day to the mid 70's and it kept me cool enough and dry where I didn't have to shed any layers. One day when it reached mid 70's-80 and sunny, I was on the verge of switching pants as for me the Tala's got a little warm as I'm an active hiker who's body temp naturally rises quickly. Now this spring probably 90 percent of the time I was dealing with wet grass up above my ankles and the Tala pants beaded water off and kept my (inner) boots, feet and legs dry. Another great thing that stands out to me about GG is their generous pant lengths so the pant bottoms would continue to cover my boots even when I would sit down while working a bird on a setup. In the past, I really hated with other clothing lines when I'd sit down and my pant bottoms would pull up exposing my boots and socks letting in cold air and moisture from grass ultimately getting my feet wet. With GG I didn't have that problem. Another thing I like is the generous shirt sleeve and neck collar lengths that also protect me from the elements of moisture, wind, sun and nasty poison oak exposure, which I'm very allergic too. As far as the pattern it worked well even in the lush dark greens and browns I was hunting in as long as I used the shadows and vegetation around me to help blend in. Hunting turkeys without a blind in a natural setup I have to depend on blending in and let my camo work. On one occasion I did setup in a not so great sitting spot and a hen toting a longbeard behind her did pick me off but at that point the longbeard was well within range and had my arrow buried into him. The other birds during mine and my buddies hunts were well within 20 yards of me and never knew I was that bush waiting with my bow or camera. I really think anywhere else in the country the camo would perform even better for turkeys as it matches up better with the color shades that are not as dark as the greens and browns that Northern California produces. I've hunted several different states in the spring and there were always more lighter tan and yellow vegetation mixed in with the fresh green sprouts that the GG would blend in perfectly with. All in all I didn't have any negative issues with GG on my spring turkey hunts as I tagged out almost too soon! ;-)

- Chris Stone 

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